Kevane Grant Thornthon LLP

Accesa la presentación de Kevane sobre los aspectos contributivos generales, propósito y estrategias para maximizar la planificación sucesoral en Puerto Rico.

  • Audit - Accountability in the financial reporting process
  • Tax - Tax code amendments and their effective dates
  • Advisory - 3 Components of a superior growth strategy
  • Outsourcing - Interpretation of labor laws in Puerto Rico

Sales tax semi-monthly deposits compliance

Required businesses have the obligation to remit the sales tax in semi-monthly installments; however, those who fail to comply will be subject to the imposition of a penalty.

  • Audit - Proposed accounting standard update  for Business Combinations
  • Tax - Tax returns filing after April what?
  • Advisory - Keep innovating through a slowdown
  • Outsourcing - Quarterly return - tax withheld for Services Rendered

  • Audit - Narrow Scope Improvements for lessors
  • Tax - CRIM requests taxpayers the appraisal of rea property
  • Advisory - Leverage: CECL use test to improve operations
  • Outsourcing - Unemployment and Disability returns filing only through portal

Informative declarations filing date extended

  • Audit - Estimating the fair value of inventory
  • Tax - PR Treasury Department- tax season update
  • Advisory - Transforming risk to drive value
  • Outsourcing - Filing of W-2PRs and informative returns through SURI

  • Audit - Proposed: changes to the accounting production costs
  • Tax - Puerto Rico's Incentives Code status
  • Advisory - ASC 842 lessons for private companies
  • Outsourcing - What's new? Social Security and Medicare

Tax Rate applicable to partial tax waivers

Employee Retention Benefit- PRTD opens window for claims
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